In The Guardian: How rising temperatures threaten workers from Nicaragua to Nepal, featuring the voices of LIN team members William Martinez, Jason Glaser, and Jason Kai Wei Lee.

Climate change is putting the health of millions of workers at risk. Affluent countries like the #US are not immune, as the destructive effect of the recent heatwaves on farmworkers and other laborers across the West has demonstrated. This is why LIN is developing and implementing occupational programs that ensure workers are protected from heat, regardless of where they live. Protecting the most vulnerable from the deadly effects of heat in a warming world is fundamental to climate justice. 

Thank you to Joe Parker Daniels and The Guardian for acknowledging the importance of our work ensuring that workers globally are protected from heat.

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Kate Brown US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR OSHA National University of Singapore 

Story: Joe Parker Daniels 

Photos: Ed Kashi