Leveraging the expertise of stakeholders from all backgrounds

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Our platform is leveraging the support, interest, and resources of universities, government institutions, researchers, and companies around the world to protect workers.

La Isla Network brings together a diverse group of professionals to address heat stress and other climate driven-risks. By bringing together a variety of people and organizations, we make sure that the risk of heat stress is minimized on all fronts.

We work with epidemiologists and clinicians to ensure that workers are healthy, preventing the most disastrous effects of heat stress on their health. Other researchers like economists, anthropologists, and sociologists help us collect supplemental data. Data scientists and experts in emerging technologies help us analyze crucial data, impulsing the change within your organization to make it resilient to heat stress and occupational safety and health risks across the board.

Communicators and photographers affiliated with La Isla Network help us disseminate the success that we help organizations achieve. We highlight worker and management stories, as well as the efforts led by researchers.

When it comes time to implement change across entire geographies, or advocate for workers who desperately need the resources to protect themselves, our public policy and legal experts step in to secure the rights of workers.

Our work cannot be done in a vacuum. We partner with certifiers, partner NGOs, whole communities, and others to ensure that the knowledge we are generating is shared for the benefit of workforces and organizations the world over.

  • Epidemiologists & Clinicians

  • Economists

  • Anthropologists & Sociologists

  • Policy & Public Health Experts

  • Communicators & Photographers

  • Data Scientists & the Tech Sector

  • Community Partners & OSH Experts

  • Certifiers & Partner NGOs

We conduct our work hand in hand with leaders across a variety of disciplines affiliated with institutions around the world.

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