Protecting workers from heat while pursuing positive returns

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We mitigate risk while pursuing increased productivity and a return on investment

We provide evidence-driven technical support to companies seeking to address heat stress and other occupational illnesses and injuries. Businesses have trusted us to ensure a healthy and productive working environment by tailoring support specific to their organizations. We will work with you to mitigate risk and reduce harm while pursuing an increase in productivity and a return on investment.

Assess, Address, Assist

We advise companies through our Triple-A Model of Assess, Address, Assist

Engaging with management to ensure effective implementation

When it comes to the health of your business, we understand that the way your management team perceives the relationship between worker health and productivity matters too. We include organizational management assessments as part of our transdisciplinary approach. We conduct all parts of the research and build evidence on-site, which is translated into policy and practice. Following this model framework we are able to create a Center of Excellence, translating evidence collected on-site into policy and practice that best addresses the OSH risks found at the worksite and following through on effective implementation to ensure long-lasting change.

Engaging with organizational management

Engage positively with workplace culture to identify barriers, opportunities, and messaging/operational gaps around implementation and enforcement of OSH intervention.

Managing on exposures and health outcomes

Nurture a culture of safety and health, and target exposures that can be managed in the work.

Communicating throughout the organization

Communicate smoothly between the advisory team and all levels of organization.


Positive ROI in ISA by PREP and Adelante

Site 1, No workplace Improvements

Incident kidney injury

Site 2, PREP workplace Program

Incident kidney injury


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Addressing Heat Stress in Occupational Health


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