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Protecting workers in a changing climate

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Protecting workers in a changing climate

We are a research and advisory organization working worldwide to address heat stress and other climate change-driven risks. Years of experience conducting transdisciplinary research and implementing data-driven systems of change make La Isla Network the established leader in this field.

Our programs reduce harm to worker health and pursue an increase in productivity and a return on investment.

why we do our work

A changing climate is harming workers, businesses, and social infrastructure

Climate change and extreme heat are making occupational heat stress a more potent risk globally.

La Isla Network has developed the knowledge and tools needed to adapt and prevent further harm to individuals, communities, and healthcare systems.

Addressing heat stress provides an early win for employers and workers, allowing La Isla Network and its partners to explore other challenges facing the workforce.

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Our work

Reducing harm, while pursuing an increase in productivity and a return on investment

Occupational injuries and illnesses are detrimental to workers, businesses, and governments. They create unnecessary liabilities for employers, and put a tremendous burden on healthcare and social security systems.

Injury and illness on the job is completely preventable. We believe that investing in the safety and health of the workforce is the responsible and financially wise choice.

Find out how we can help your organization take the first step.

Occupational safety and health research

Our network is composed of world class researchers. Their work informs our evidence-based recommendations to prevent heat stress. We publish frequently, and our findings have an impact. We work with government agencies and multilateral institutions to inform policymakers how to best protect workers and businesses.

Assess, Address, Assist

La Isla Network protects workers and businesses through its data-driven OSH and organizational management assessment protocols. These reduce harm and protect worker health, while pursuing increased productivity and a return on investment. They also mitigate risks and liabilities, achieve sustainability goals, and strengthen brand position.

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