New Videos by the Adelante Initiative to Raise Worker Awareness of Heat Stress

2021-07-06T09:34:11-05:00July 6th, 2021|News, Videos|

The Adelante Initiative, a multi-stakeholder partnership founded by La Isla Network, Bonsucro, Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited and The Nicaraguan Sugar Producers Association, has released new educational videos to raise worker awareness of occupational heat stress. The animations, provided in both spanish and english, advise workers on water consumption, rest periods, bathroom breaks, and the [...]

LIN Senior Director Ilana Weiss Presents Water, Rest, Shade, and Sanitation Training

2021-05-27T11:54:40-05:00May 26th, 2021|News, Videos|

Earlier this month, LIN Senior Director of Public Health and Policy Ilana Weiss presented a Water, Rest, Shade, and Sanitation training hosted by Bonsucro, highlighting the work of LIN through our Adelante Initiative. We are encouraged by the tremendous turnout for the event and the engaging questions and feedback from the audience. We’re hopeful that [...]

In the Hot Zone

2017-07-10T22:14:03-05:00April 10th, 2017|Videos|

In Sri Lanka’s North Central Province more than 23,500 people have died of Chronic Kidney Disease of undetermined causes (CKDnT), earning it the moniker, “the hot zone.” In many communities 15% of the population is affected, mainly farmers working in the sun, using agricultural chemicals. While state funded dialysis centers care for hundreds of patients, [...]

Hidden Under the Indian Sun

2017-10-10T15:47:14-05:00February 4th, 2017|Videos|

Hidden Under the Indian Sun was originally published in The Atlantic (USA) in January. The short film on CKDnT affecting communities in Eastern India was produced by independent photojournalists, filmmakers, and La Isla Network collaborators Tom Laffay and Ed Kashi together with Talking Eyes Media. In the vast rice fields of Andhra Pradesh, Southeastern India, [...]

Vital Liquid

2017-07-11T22:59:29-05:00December 11th, 2014|Videos|

To address working conditions, implementation of OSHA’s Water.Rest.Shade recommendations is an excellent start. But we’re not stopping there - LIF and participating researchers continue to look at the interaction of environmental toxins and their contribution to the development of CKDnT. By also improving the tools workers use in the fields we will protect them from [...]

Only Job in Town

2017-07-11T23:02:23-05:00October 22nd, 2012|Videos|

The rainy season brings a halt to the cutting season between May and November, but veteran sugarcane cutters find work in other jobs as sugarcane production never rests. They work in "cleaning," or weeding the cane fields, spraying chemical herbicides and pesticides, working security of fields, warehouses and factories, and maintaining irrigation infrastructure, preparing for [...]