La Isla Network’s partner organization in Nicaragua, Fundación Comunitaria La Isla (FCLI), is excited to announce its new executive director, William Martinez. William is a public health expert and longtime LIN collaborator based in the community of La Isla, with extensive work supporting the communities affected by CKDnT. His appointment marks an exciting new chapter for FCLI, as it is now completely locally-led.

The work of FCLI in supporting health, education, and worker advocacy is essential to the communities affected by this disease. As a locally-led team, they will be able to identify the most pressing needs within their community and receive the support and partnership of LIN along the way.

While LIN continues to focus our efforts on occupational interventions to protect worker health, we’re excited to work alongside FCLI to ensure that direct aid is available to workers, their families, and the broader communities at risk.

Stand by for their new program announcements, as well as the upcoming campaign drive to support their efforts.

Fundación La Isla – Protegiendo a los trabajadores en un clima cambiante