Turning Point


The summer of 2018 is a turning point in addressing CKDnT and the conditions that accelerate it.

Photo Credit: Bonsucro / Joe Woodruff

In June, the U.S. National Institute of Health’s (NIH) hosted a workshop on CKDnT. The two day event helped clarify what we know and don’t know about the disease, providing the space to discuss what steps are required so that we can better understand the causes of the disease while mitigating the known risk factors. It was a collaborative, exciting and informative few days. I was honored to have co-chaired a session on the barriers to addressing the epidemic. La Isla Network (LIN) feels strongly that this workshop made clear the ethical obligation for all groups working on CKDnT to find effective ways to share and compare data. It is imperative that we do this so that we can most effectively understand the disease and bring effective relief to those affected.

In August, effective and scalable improvements for worker health took an important step forward through the Adelante Initiative. Mitigating the known risks for CKDnT and improving working conditions is a priority for all the members of the initiative and our commitment. Through significant support from the German Investment Corporation (DEG), the private lending arm of the German Development Bank, a successful first phase of the initiative is wrapping up.

The significance of DEG’s support cannot be overstated. When development banks operate at their highest capacity, by assessing and addressing risk while creating the incentives to pursue responsible commerce, they are incredible instruments for scalable and deep change. Their support in allowing data-driven solutions to fearlessly drive the initiative forward is refreshing news on an issue that many industries and brands around the world have yet to adequately confront. DEG, along with Ingenio San Antonio, have led by example on how industries can collaboratively work with academics, government, and civil society to end CKDnT.

We would also like to thank our funders, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for having the vision to support LIN as we charted a bold path that allowed the Adelante Initiative to become a reality. In the coming months I’m looking forward to sharing more news from the Adelante Initiative.

We have also renewed our commitment to working in the La Isla community in Nicaragua and in a way many of you will find inspiring. Sustainable change must come from the bottom and the top. LIN is part of the vanguard that is bringing those often opposing forces together towards something bigger than any one set of interests.

LIN made the first comparable prevalence studies, community and occupational prospective studies a reality, we’ve been the first to assess and address the working conditions associated with CKDnT, and we continue to support a new generation of leadership in La Isla. Although support from development banks is essential for advancing structural changes to mitigate the occupational risks workers face, we still need support from donors like you to provide the independence and flexibility required when collaborating with external partners with diverse sets of priorities. Whether you are passionate about improved care for those affectedaddressing work practices or supporting a community that is identifying and addressing their needs, we can assure your donations go to solving a pandemic. Please, donate today let’s finish this thing.

Thank you for your support!