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In the Hot Zone

In Sri Lanka’s North Central Province more than 23,500 people have died of Chronic Kidney Disease of undetermined causes (CKDu), earning it the moniker, “the hot zone.” In many communities 15% of the population is [...]

Hidden Under the Indian Sun

Hidden Under the Indian Sun was originally published in The Atlantic (USA) in January. The short film on CKDu affecting communities in Eastern India was produced by independent photojournalists, filmmakers, and La Isla Network collaborators [...]

Vital Liquid

To address working conditions, implementation of OSHA’s Water.Rest.Shade recommendations is an excellent start. But we’re not stopping there - LIF and participating researchers continue to look at the interaction of environmental toxins and their contribution [...]

Only Job in Town

The rainy season brings a halt to the cutting season between May and November, but veteran sugarcane cutters find work in other jobs as sugarcane production never rests. They work in "cleaning," or weeding the [...]

Off Air

With the world's eye on Chichigalpa, Nicaragua after a round of media visits over the course of 2012, the complicated circumstances surrounding the basics of the CKDu issue do not fit easily into a nightly [...]


Short synopsis: Throughout the sugar-producing regions of Central America, an epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease is killing young sugarcane workers at staggering rates, and in Nicaragua where some communities face a 70% disease rate, the [...]

Cycle of Death

La Isla is a small community located on the outskirts of Chichigalpa, Nicaragua in the Central American lowlands. Its sole economy is the sugarcane industry which relies on young men desperate to provide for their [...]