LIN CEO Jason Glaser will speak at the upcoming 2021 International Alcohol Retail Monopolies Conference, taking place virtually, August 30th-31st. The audience will include the head decision-makers of some of the world’s biggest alcohol control boards and liquor monopolies.

At the event, Glaser will outline the current risks facing workers in the rum and alcohol supply chains reliant on sugar and molasses. Central to these risks is heat, a reality that no rum or spirits brand can ignore, as tens of thousands of workers in the past decade have succumbed to heat-related kidney disease in this sector. This is why La Isla Network and Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell have signed a joint statement, calling upon rum brands to ensure that workers in their supply chains are protected from the increasingly severe risks of heat.

Glaser will further highlight the role that liquor monopolies and control boards can play in ensuring the products they carry are sourced in a socially responsible manner. Recent actions, such as the Nordic Alcohol Monopolies’ commitment to source responsible spirts free of human rights violations like dangerous, unhealthy work practices and child labor, show just how much power and influence these organizations can have in helping to shape a globally socially responsible spirits industry.

We will continue advocating for workers’ health throughout spirits supply chains and encourage large buyers to join us in this mission.