Earlier this month, LIN Senior Director of Public Health and Policy Ilana Weiss presented a Water, Rest, Shade, and Sanitation training hosted by Bonsucro, highlighting the work of LIN through our Adelante Initiative. We are encouraged by the tremendous turnout for the event and the engaging questions and feedback from the audience. We’re hopeful that this energy leads towards tangible, urgently needed interventions to protect worker health. 

During the session, participants learned:

  • The risks of working under intense heat and the importance of keeping your workforce healthy for optimal efficiency.
  • The importance of evaluating workload when planning heat stress interventions.
  • How to provide the correct quantities of water, rest, and shade to keep workers healthy and productive – examples of best practice will be shared.
  • The best practices in relation to sanitation with accessible and practical solutions.

The training was in partnership with the Nordic Alcohol Monopolies, Vinmonopolet, who earlier this month signed a joint statement that will require more actions to be taken by their suppliers to protect workers from heat stress. We applaud this action and encourage other liquor retailers to follow.