Carolina shares her Community Education Volunteer Experience

Working with the children in La Isla made me realize even more how lucky I am to have the privilege of education and unlimited access to knowledge. So many of these children don’t see farther than the border of their small community. Questions like “Is León a different country?”, “Do you speak Spanish with your family?” or “Why didn’t you come from Germany in a Bus to Nicaragua?” are asked more often than you would think.

Not knowing these things, things we take for granted knowing, does not come from the unwillingness of learning. On the contrary – all the children I have met are curious about the world and eager to learn more. A lot of the kids have started asking for extra English classes because they feel that one hour per week in school is not enough.

This is the reason why we go to the community three times a week; Why we try to offer more education; Why we try to encourage and challenge each child’s talent and character. I hope that by supporting their creativity and imagination we can widen their horizon and their knowledge.

You never know what occasion makes a child realize that it can form their own future and can choose what they want to become. Just one book, one art project, one game or just one sentence a volunteer says could make a child decide to follow their dream rather than to work in the sugarcane fields like their fathers, uncles and older brothers.

I love working with and for these children. Even when the bus to the community is packed, when I’m exhausted from the previous day of work or when the kids are acting crazy it is always rewarding to see the joy and excitement on their faces. I am glad I am able to spend my time with them. And maybe I even made a difference for the one or the other child.

– Community Education Volunteer, Carolina Knerr

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