LIN’s David Wegman and Jason Glaser to present work of Adelante Initiative to OSHA to inform new federal heat standard

The Biden Administration has announced its intention to act on the increasing health risks of occupational heat, a crisis that continues to get more dire under climate change. Millions of American workers, from agriculture to construction, are currently unprotected by any federal heat standard. This has had fatal consequences and has contributed towards widespread yet preventable occupational illness.

As part of the announcement, The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be responsible for developing a new workplace heat standard, with the ultimate goal of creating a federal heat standard to ensure protections in workplaces across the country. This is a welcomed announcement, and we are encouraged that LIN members David Wegman and Jason Glaser have been invited to present the work of our Adelante Initiative to OSHA to help inform this new federal mandate. As our work has shown, the risks facing millions of workers exposed to heat in the US require urgent action, and we look forward to critically informing this process in collaboration with the hundreds of workers groups, unions, researchers, and environmental associations across the US who have been pushing for this federal mandate for years.

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