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An internship four years in the making

By |2013-07-25T02:39:36+00:00July 25th, 2013|Personal Story|

My relationship with the victims of CKDu started around the same time Jason Glaser’s (co-founder of La Isla Foundation) did, but across the border in Costa Rica. In 2009, during my freshman year of high school, my family and I lived near San Jose, Costa Rica. While living there, I grew especially close to one [...]

Global Activism: La Isla Foundation and protestors under threat for exposing Chronic Kidney Disease in Nicaragua sugar cane workers [WBEZ]

By |2017-10-10T15:47:17+00:00May 9th, 2013|Press Releases|

Jason Glaser runs La Isla Foundation, founded in 2008 by a Nicaraguan ex-sugarcane worker, an American documentary filmmaker, and a Nicaraguan legal investigator. The group addresses an epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) affecting agricultural communities across Central America, particularly in Western Nicaragua. This disease, first recorded about 30 years ago, has [...]

English Classes in the Community

By |2013-04-20T11:12:52+00:00April 20th, 2013|Personal Story|

A few weeks ago we started our English classes for the year in the Guanacastal Sur community. We teach 5th and 6th graders who are surprisingly attentive. They are much different than the rowdy little kid I was at that age. The first thing that took me by surprise was not what was inside the [...]

Nicaraguan Kidney Disease Epidemic Protest Turned Violent

By |2017-10-10T15:47:17+00:00April 10th, 2013|Personal Story|

Tom Laffay- La Isla Foundation Photos by Cristhian Velásquez and Tom Laffay On March 18, 2013 over one hundred men and women affected by an epidemic of chronic kidney disease of unknown cause (CKDu) were holding a peaceful protest in Chichigalpa Nicaragua. By blockading traffic on the Leon-Chinandega branch of the Pan-American Highway they hoped [...]

Katja and the Kidneys

By |2013-03-23T08:30:40+00:00March 23rd, 2013|Personal Story|

I am studying for a Masters in International Health and needed more experience in the field, so I came to La Isla Foundation through random coincidence. I actually disliked the kidneys since my first year in med school and avoided to study in-depth their anatomy, physiology etc. What a mistake! It all came back to [...]

Peaceful Protest Turns Violent

By |2017-10-10T15:47:17+00:00March 21st, 2013|Press Releases|

Peaceful Protest Turns Violent Former sugarcane workers demand rights in Nicaragua CHICHIGALPA, NICARAGUA - Violence broke out on the Panamerican highway late in the afternoon on Monday, March 18. Riot and special forces police aggressively tried to disperse the crowd through violence, assault, and tear gas. The crowd of 180 protesters, former sugarcane workers, and [...]

Carolina shares her Community Education Volunteer Experience

By |2013-03-14T19:35:15+00:00March 14th, 2013|Personal Story|

Working with the children in La Isla made me realize even more how lucky I am to have the privilege of education and unlimited access to knowledge. So many of these children don’t see farther than the border of their small community. Questions like “Is León a different country?”, “Do you speak Spanish with your [...]

Bitter Sugar: A Mystery Disease

By |2017-10-10T15:47:17+00:00March 11th, 2013|Press Releases|

Associated Press photographer Esteban Felix Tells the story behind the photos. The workers who cut sugarcane and other crops in the sweltering coastal lowlands of Central America are being hit by an epidemic that is killing thousands of people a year. From Panama to southern Mexico, laborers are coming down with kidney failure at rates [...]

La experiencia de Kizzy y el taller de belleza

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Mi experiencia como maestra de belleza en la comunidad es algo sin explicación. Cuando estaba en Brasil, pensando como enseñaría, no conocía nada de la realidad de las mujeres de La Isla, tan poco podía imaginar las condicones en las cuales serían nuestras clases. Algunos dias teníamos viento, polvo y Humo de las quemas, pero [...]